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Episode 1: The Transporters' Happy Day

Episode One Screen Shot

In The Transporters' Happy Day, most of the Transporters are happy because they are doing things they really enjoy. Sally is carrying passengers, Dan is making William laugh, Barney is working at the quarry, Nigel is travelling very fast, William is taking Charlie across the harbour and Oliver is oiling his rail. But Jennie is sad because one of her wheels has buckled and she is stuck. The other Transporters rescue her, making them all very happy.

You can watch episode 1 or even take the episode 1 quiz.

Key emotion: Happy
Additional emotions: Sad, Surprised

Themes in The Transporters' Happy Day

Why we feel happy

Happiness is caused by getting something we want or by doing something we like.

Ask the child:
What do you like doing?
How does it make you feel?
What would you like to have?
How would it make you feel?
How do you know you feel happy?
How can other people tell you're happy?

Different people and happiness
Different people enjoy different things and want different things to make them happy.

Ask the child:
What does your brother/sister/parent/friend like doing?
What would he or she like to have?
How would that make him or her feel?
Does he or she like/want the same things as you?

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