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This video has been versioned for the web as a low resolution file. The DVD is full broadcast quality.

The DVD contains 30 quizzes. This is the quiz from Episode 1 of the British English version of the DVD. You might want to watch the episode first. Below, we've included further information to help you get the best out of the quizzes on the DVD.

About the quizzes on the DVD

The quizzes are a fun way to reinforce a child's understanding of the emotions portrayed in the stories. They test whether a child can link a word describing an emotion, the facial expression of that emotion, and the causes of the emotion. Working with the child as they use the quiz is the most effective way of using this resource.

Getting the most out of the quizzes on the DVD

If a child is going to take the quiz alone, it's vital that he or she can use the remote control confidently, because the DVD will pause indefinitely until an answer has been chosen.

NigelOnce you've selected a quiz, you'll be asked a question and given either two or three answers to choose from, depending on the difficulty of the quiz. Scroll to the correct answer.

Difficulty level

The quizzes have two levels of difficulty - EASY and HARD. EASY quizzes offer a choice of two possible answers per question, one correct and one incorrect. The incorrect answer is usually quite different from the correct one. HARD quizzes have a choice of three possible answers. HARD quizzes actually repeat the easy quiz questions, with an additional incorrect answer which is usually closer to the correct answer.

Question types

The questions are all very simply worded to suit the young audience. There are a maximum of eight questions per quiz.
The three question types are:


When a question is answered correctly, the narrator congratulates the child and a reward appears - an animation of Barney's wheels, William's cogs or the waterwheel turning. If the question is answered incorrectly, the question is asked again until the viewer answers correctly, and the reward then appears.