Academic research behind The Transporters

The Transporters series has been evaluated by the Autism Research Centre for its effectiveness for children aged 4 to 8 with ASC (autistic spectrum condition).

The results are very exciting.

Interview: The scientist and the parent's view

Professor Simon Baron Cohen, Director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge, talks about how the animations work and a parent talks about how the series helped her son.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

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How the research was conducted

Researchers compared children with ASC who watched the DVD for 15 minutes every weekday for one month with children with ASC who didn't watch the DVD. They were also compared to typically developing children who did not watch the DVD.

The children were matched for age and verbal IQ and the children with ASC were randomly assigned to the intervention or control group.

Children were assessed on four different emotion recognition tasks.

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Download pdf document: Enhancing Emotion Recognition in Children with ASC - An Intervention Using Animated Vehicles with Real Emotional Faces

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