Autism resources

Here are some autism-related associations and resources that may be of use to parents and carers of children with autism.

Autism Research Trust

Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Europe

Autistic Association of New Zealand

Autism Cymru (Wales)

Autism Society of America

Autism Society Canada

Autism South Africa

Autism NI (Northern Ireland)

National Autistic Society (UK)

National Autistic Society in Scotland

Autism research

Autism Research Trust

Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University

Autism Speaks (US)

The MIND Institute

Autism books

Autism and Asperger Syndrome: The Facts
(Oxford University Press, 2008) by Simon Baron-Cohen

(MIT Press, 1995) by Simon Baron-Cohen

The Essential Difference
(Penguin/Basic Books, 2003) by Simon Baron-Cohen

Autism: Explaining the Enigma
(Blackwells, 2006) by Uta Frith

The Complete Guide to Asperger Syndrome
(Jessica Kingsley Ltd) by Tony Attwood

The Autistic Spectrum: A guide for parents and professionals
(Constable and Robinson, 2003) by Lorna Wing

Autism scientific journal articles


Research Autism

Autism teaching material

Teaching Children with Autism to Mind Read
(Wiley, 1997) by Patricia Howlin et al

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